January 31, 2020


“The referee for volunteering” aims to create a trustable tool with all the information about the daily issues a volunteer could have during his staying in a foreign country. By extension, it is an instrument that would collect all the answers or solutions to so many questions and doubts a volunteers’ tutor is usually called to solve and that official guides do not help with. The project also tends to replace all those forums and informal blogs that pretends to get rid of the official guideline, especially in an epoch when the voluntary service is changing into something widespread, The European Solidarity Corps.


The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Improve the quality of the volunteering projects by being responsive to every type of problem that may affect both the volunteer and the hosting organization;
  • Create standards in treating the issues that should sort during an hosting association’s daily life;
  • Make available a real information, based on years of experience, so youth workers who needs it can totally trust.


REEVOL will allow the realization of a mobile application that will collect the experience of the 3 involved entities, and also the one of their partners network, in order to unify the information and make it accessible for anyone may need it. It will be a transnational digital instrument able to quickly respond to the multiple needs which maintenance will be sustainable thanks to its dissemination.

To reach its objectives REEVOL foresees in the creation on a mobile App and web platform, the partners of the project will perform different activities:

During the first phase about collecting information, once achieved, it will be classified in categories and sub-categories respectfully to the detected needs through a study previously conduct. Among them, it will be analysed the moments before and after the approval of a volunteering project, the first steps to follow with the candidates and future volunteers, their mentoring and impact in the locality.

Then, after the technological development of the REEVOL App is ready – at least in a beta version – partners will carry out a pilot test with their youth workers and stakeholders, in such a way that we can contrast the initial output with reality and we can redo what necessary.