Transnational Meeting in Athens

On the 18th and 19th of October 2019 all the partners of the KA2 REEVOL took part in the second transnational meeting in Athens. While in the first encounter it has been introduced the project by itself, it came the time to speak about the strategy that will be essential in order to fill the future mobile App and web platform with valuable contents, also translated in the four languages spoken by the partners: English, Estonian, Greek and Spanish.

Impact, dissemination and pilot test of the project had been discussed and planned, but most importantly, quality of the final result had been prioritized. Still it will be possible to help the consortium by going to the “Add Problem” section of this website and share some experience in the youth field, so to give a solutions to some detected problems typical of a European volunteering project. Next destionation: Tallinn on February the 15th and 16th.

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