REEVOL project comes to its end.

5️⃣4️⃣7️⃣ days ago we told you about a project, REEVOL, and about the opportunity to work to get a digital tool 🤳 from which many organizations, like ours, and many European volunteers, like ours, could have benefit.

“The volunteer referee” comes to an 🔚, but 🔜 we will be very proud to launch its main result #reevolApp‼ ️

Waiting for the latest technological modifications to be implemented, we leave you some information about the project that has taken us from the beloved Medina del Campo 🇪🇸, to the Greek capital 🇬🇷 and to the cold Estonia 🇪🇪.

An authentic adventure ❕ summarized in these infographics 📶

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